We are a young design firm wanting to open a new office with a limited budget and schedule. We envisioned an efficient interior design and finishes that reflected the excellent quality of our products and services .

Our concept was to create an open plan to make a compact 450 square foot space feel larger. We incorporated a private executive office, client reception, work stations, conference with presentation display, attendant repro storage spaces and kitchen bathroom areas that function well together. The room fosters an exchange of creative dialogue while maintaining a focused productivity.

The finished style represents our commitment to clean modern design. Utilizing our craftsmanship and recycled items, we opened for business in two weeks for less than $4,500.00.

Please view the process photos and drop us a comment about your ideas for your own office.



Utilizing 3D fly-thru software, we visualized different furniture layouts to come up with a quick efficient solution for our program needs.

Using Sketch-Up interior modeling software, we studied different open plan schemes. This perspective shows the sofa client area, conference video display space and  workstations.



 Existing space looking into entry lobby left and future executive office at right.



New client reception, entry door and recycled shoji screen for office privacy.



 Existing kitchen and restroom access opposite entry area.




Pre-finished birch panels cover view to kitchen and define conference video presentation library space




Existing west window wall and view to street




Afternoon light on video editing station and client reception area








  1. Dylan, You certainly accomplished a masterful transformation with your 450 sf office! I look forward to sharing ideas with you on our Custom Casita projects…permit-exempt accessory structures built from reclaimed architectural materials. Please contact me.

  2. Dylan,

    Great work and the website is excellent! I like that you are taking such great care at describing your design process. Aso, I’ll send off some Vectorworks manuals today. They’ve been sitting on my desk since we talked weeks ago.

    Best of luck to you and your team!


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