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Whether a home is big or small, building it comes with plenty of challenges, especially if you want to build in an area where navigating the design review board is difficult and time consuming. Working with a local architect can help your dream project take the path of least resistance. Your architect should have experience with projects similar to yours and have a good reputation with the local jurisdiction and design review board. This can help you save time and money getting your project approved.

But how do you work with a local architect if you’re not living in the area you want to build? Thanks to all the resources in the modern architect’s toolbox, this can be a lot easier than you might think.

Although the most productive meetings tend to involve live bodies brainstorming around sketches, the bottom line is: The more your architect gets to know you and your lifestyle, the more likely it is that they will design your perfect home. Head over to Houzz.com and learn five tips that can help you stay in touch and keep the project moving when meeting in person isn’t possible.

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