Santa Barbara Project Management

Project Management Santa Barbara

While being a great designer is a must for having a successful practice, there are many other skills needed to run an architectural firm such as time management skills, project management, administration skills, and the ability to remember a million things. Now if you’re like me, these other skills might not come as second nature, but the good news is that just like there are programs and equipment dedicated to delivering design, there are many tools available that can help with the responsibilities an architect has other than design. The utilization of these tools can translate into higher quality work and better options for homeowners because the less time spent on the business side of things, the more time there is to spend on clients and design. This is the purpose of the “essential apps for architects” mini series, to feature the best tools for the efficient architect.


Running a firm is time consuming and can be very frustrating, especially if you like to know what is going on with all your projects all the time. (And I happen to think that I should know what is going on with all my projects all the time.) Wrike is a project management app that allows you to collaborate quickly and efficiently with team members, set up schedules, assign tasks, and get everything done in one place. Before we started using Wrike I spent a lot of nights wide awake trying to organize everyone’s assignments for the following day. Now I sleep like a baby and have instant access to what is going on at any given time.

Santa Barbara Project Management

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