5/14/15 Stage Three Drought Regulations

5/7/15 Update from the City of Santa Barbara: “The Santa Barbara City Council declared a Stage Three Drought Condition in response to the driest consecutive four years on record. The Stage Three Drought Condition requires a 25% Citywide reduction in overall water use. The Santa Barbara City Council is expected to adopt new and modified water use regulations May 12, 2015.”

5/4/15 This just in…

AIASB Drought Restrictions 5-5-15

Stage 1: Alerts the public that a potential serious water shortage may occur if dry weather continues and water demands remain high. Stage 2: Reflects that a serious water shortage is expected in the current or impending year, and includes drought based water rates and mandatory water use restrictions. Stage 3: Triggered by an extreme water shortage, which includes increasing drought rates and more aggressive mandatory restrictions.

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