Working within an architectural firm affords a certain level of creative control. Whether making decisions about which projects to accept, driving a project’s evolution, or delivering a design they’re proud to put their names on, these three architects balance it all. Is it easy? Certainly not. Remaining creative and delivering on a promised vision demands hard work and relentless passion. Deliver on those requirements, however, and you end up with more than just a predictable solution. You end up with real design that has heart. We were happy to take part in a lively discussion about how three architects ensure that creativity remains central to their designs.

Watch the 32-minute episode, “The Business of Creativity: Staying Creative in Your Firm”

The overarching theme of our discussion was collaboration, especially the multiple types of synergy that combine over the course of every successful project:

  • Energy and dynamic exchange of ideas on the design team
  • Communication with contractors and other consultants
  • Vision and inspiration between non-designer clients and architecture specialists


Many people dream of a remodel or entirely new home design, but spend years keeping their ideas on the back burner because they are worried about establishing a trusting, visionary relationship with an architect and design team. In this video, we take part in a discussion about some key communication strategies that can help you take the first step toward the structure you’ve always wanted.

  • Good design takes time. Interview your architect and let them know what you desire from the space or property. Designers of all kinds are professional interpreters of dreams, so don’t be too shy in sharing your vision.
  • While shared vocabulary or expertise can be helpful, by no means do you need to be an architect yourself! Some of our most breathtaking projects have taken root from photos torn from magazines, a perusal of our past designs, or a centerpiece of furniture or fixture to get our gears turning.
  • Have faith and patience. The power of architecture unfolds over time, as you live within spaces that have been sculpted for your needs and tastes. In the words of Ernest Dimnet, “Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul.”


Start your journey today.

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