Currently two months into the construction phase, DCA is pleased to present a complete home remodel in Hope Ranch, a beloved suburb of Santa Barbara, California, with a rich history.

Hope Ranch was named after the Irishman Thomas Hope, who purchased the land in 1861 for sheep ranching. In 1876, Hope’s heirs sold the ranch to the Southern Pacific Railroad. Then, in 1923, the historic ranch was purchased by Harold Chase, brother of the illustrious Pearl Chase. Famous among locals for her twentieth-century influence over the architectural development of Santa Barbara, Pearl Chase is often called the “First Lady of Santa Barbara.”

Portrait of the young Pearl Chase. Source:


Today it is a residential area of rolling greens bordered by Cieneguitas Creek to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The homes of Hope Ranch are nestled among native vegetation common to California’s oak woodlands and chaparral. The narrow, winding residential roads interweave with an elaborate network of horse paths, giving a cozy, natural sense to this neighborhood. This world-class location boasts incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Inspired by this special district, DCA took on a complete redesign of a residence with the following design challenges:

  • Not taking advantage of the view
  • No connection from interior to exterior
  • Choppy, split-level floor plan with segregated common spaces


Our design solution needed to address these problems and bring this residence to its full potential. Here are some highlights:


  • Unified the spaces with a single-level, cohesive floor plan that takes full advantage of the view
  • Added an adjacent patio for harmonious indoor/outdoor living that invites the exceptional climate and scenery into the homeowners’ lifestyle.




At Dylan Chappell Architects, we believe that beautiful, carefully designed buildings can link inhabitants with the unique culture and nature of the region. Our process begins with each client’s unique personality, program, and site.

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