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In this section we shine a spotlight on a local business, organization, or person creating cool design in the Santa Barbara area.

We’re pleased to feature a landscape clearing specialist available for private hire in the Santa Barbara area. Darryl Keuhl is a Santa Barbara native who is passionate about this region and experienced in land clearing. Darryl has spent several seasons as a U.S. Forest Service “Hot-Shot” crew member, fighting wild land fires in California and Idaho. He has a careful eye for preventative landscape management, and we’re happy to recommend his services!

Kuehl’s Clearing specializes in brush clearing, tree trimming and removals specifically for fire preparation and defensible space. California’s drought means we are set to have an extremely hot year. Darryl’s available to provide a free estimate for your clearing needs, and is a friendly and experienced professional. Get in touch with Kuehl’s Clearing:



on Instagram @kuehlsclearing

Image credit: Kuehl's Clearing

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