Embarking on a kitchen redesign? With some creativity, redressing traffic jams in this busy area of the house can also achieve a welcoming, versatile space for residents and visitors.

In this post, we’re excited to give you the scoop on an interesting option for maximizing your custom kitchen design: modular refrigeration.

You’ve probably heard of the old “triangle” concept in kitchen design. This ergonomic concept refers to the imaginary lines that connect the three main sites of work in the kitchen—refrigerator, sink, and stove.

Source: kitchens.com
Source: kitchens.com

Devised to maximize efficiency and minimize the risk of cooking-related injury, this layout harks from a time when kitchens were small, self-contained, and primarily utilitarian spaces.

In recent decades, kitchen design has increasingly emphasized the kitchen as a social space serving a variety of needs within the household.

A more open kitchen layout welcomes more members of the household at once, and allows for the space to be more effectively used for multiple purposes.

Enlivening these open-plan kitchens is the trend toward modular refrigeration.

Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com
Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com

Instead of a typical 84-inch unit, a behemoth appliance that designates the space as a kitchen, distributing refrigeration compartments in a variety of storage designs across the kitchen invites a more organic, dynamic inhabitation of the kitchen.

This allows for customized uses of the kitchen. Here are a few ideas:

  • Imagine a temperature-controlled drawer with fruits and veggies ready for after-school snacks.


Mod Fridge 5


  • Think of a sort of “refrigerated pantry”: an organized, and removed-yet-accessible place to store bulk refrigerated goods.


Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com
Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com


  • What about a special mini-fridge for wine and other beverages?


Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com
Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com

Beyond organization and streamlining, modular refrigeration can also add finesse to transitions between spaces in an open-floor home.

Below, a temperature-controlled wine cabinet and ice machine lend harmony to the kitchen and living spaces in this bright, modern living space.

Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com
Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com


In fact, part of the rising popularity in modular refrigeration comes from a multi-purpose view of the kitchen as a site for social gathering as well as food prep.

Supporting the instinct to organize kitchen work into “zones,” these smaller units allow for more cooks in the kitchen at once.

After entertaining or celebrating a holiday or event, these units can also be great as “overflow” fridges.

The beneficial flexibility offered by smaller refrigeration units can also offer great solutions in the homes of individuals with limited mobility.

Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com
Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com

The beauty of modular refrigeration is that it allows the homeowner to minimize wasted space in the creation of an elegant, customized, lifestyle-supporting kitchen.

Here’s an example layout:

Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com
Source: ce.architecturalrecord.com

Pretty liberating, right?! Striking a traditional large refrigeration unit from your kitchen is like designing your living room to de-emphasize a big-screen TV. All the same functionality, but improved by a more open visual design.

What’s more, taking the modular route can be a good option to give your kitchen a more leisurely feel.

Ready to start talking specifics? Here are some of the design options offered by modular refrigeration units:

  • Pre-programmed food and beverage modes
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Custom combination units
  • Flexible lighting
  • High production and capacity ice machines


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