When architects get together, it’s no surprise that we talk about interior spaces: how they form our imaginative environments and support—or hinder—our needs and goals. Put simply, our spaces form the enclaves of our lives. It’s our job and passion to re-imagine the traditional uses to which our spaces are put.

Dylan Chappell speaking with fellow architects at a Vectorworks roundtable in April. Click the image to watch the full 32-minute episode.


A few minutes spent considering our workspaces and how they can be optimized can pay off significantly in the long term. Back in April, we joined in a Vectorworks Roundtable conversation. We talked about an interesting trend toward open-plan offices. Unlike the old individual workstation or cubicle models, open-plan offices promote collaboration and ignite creativity.


Source: varidesk.com
Source: varidesk.com


Beyond their value for teamwork, it can make a huge difference in our individual health, happiness and productivity to reside and work within spaces shaped to our individual needs. One important arena of this concern is our furniture. In this post, we recommend a product that can empower users to work more effectively, collaborate more readily, and ease backaches!

The Varidesk is an affordable, height-adjustable desk that lets you switch easily between sitting and standing as you work. With the art of architectural design now almost entirely executed on our computers, we spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer screen.


Source: varidesk.com
Source: varidesk.com


Yet, the ergonomic potential of other spatial configurations is tempting. That’s where the Varidesk comes in. The Varidesk is an adjustable platform that ships fully assembled and ready to use, which can be placed on top of your current desk.


Source: varidesk.com


Their motto is “Work Elevated,” and we have to agree. Learn more about the Varidesk here.

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