Wildfire Landscape Design – Part 3

[youtube id=”7HR-SHtoUXE” width=”640″ height=”360″] Welcome to the third part of our four part mini series on Wildfire Landscape Design. This month’s video is about Zone 3 which starts 50 feet away from your home and ends at 70 feet. Watch the video above to learn some general guidelines for planting in Zone 3 and find […]

Wildfire Landscape Design – Zone 2

California homeowners are no stranger to the dangers of wildfire. The video above is the second part of a four part mini series dedicated to landscape techniques that will help keep wildfires away from your home. Jack Kiesel stops in to give us the low down on Zone 2 of our landscape. If you are […]

4 Tips For Building in a High Fire Zone

Do you want to know how to defend your home from wildfires? If you are planning on building in a high fire zone, watch the video above to learn how to help protect your house. payday loans direct lenders only no teletrack Do you have more concerns or questions about building in a high fire […]

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