Dylan Chappell has come full-circle from his Ventura College days. Studying in the college’s architecture program, Chappell went on to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, to complete his degree and become a licensed architect. With his own architecture firm, Dylan Chappell Architects based in Carpinteria, which employs three people, he is overseeing the design of a new restaurant and brewery in Ventura across from the college and Foster’s Freeze, one of his first projects in the city.

Chappell’s successors, the architecture students at Ventura College, will hold a showcase on May 19 at 5 p.m. offering a glimpse into their own work as well as a chance to see the college’s facilities for the program, which has, over time, served as a pipeline to the Cal Poly program. It’s where Chappell got his start. But at a time when people in Ventura County and beyond are rethinking livable space, transportation and how to merge the burgeoning needs of millennials and aging baby boomers alike, it’s also a place where re-thinking what lies ahead is happening on a grand scale.

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